dHealthIQ released new web APP for healthcare monitoring

dHealthIQ released new web APP for healthcare monitoring

After long way of finding how to merge digital innovations and professional healthcare we created a new web application for healthcare monitoring. dHealth patients will be able to use the service through a mobile app, often in conjunction with a wearable smart technology device.

Our Software consists of a remote patient management service based on wearables and artificial intelligence technologies that provide personalized treatment plans, coordinated under the supervision of the doctor.

How it works

At the heart of our software is a comprehensive assessment of personal health through a multidisciplinary team, individualization of treatment based on patient-generated data, remote care and self-control through information technology and process digitization.

An algorithm equipped with medical knowledge analyzes daily data obtained through smart wearables and medical devices etc. ,and implements individualized treatment interventions for each patient. In addition, we improve the efficiency and quality of clinical care by presenting appropriate medical care data to doctors.

The use of mobile technology ensures that regardless of the time of day or the patient’s location, dHealthIQ is always available to capture data or send medical-related alerts and reminders.

An application will be available on App Store and Google Play.

dHealthIQ closes investment to validate their AI platform for elderly care and rehabilitation

dHealthIQ closes investment to validate their AI platform for elderly care and rehabilitation

dHealthIQ is on a mission to improve care for the elderly and cardio rehabilitation by connecting nurses, health care professionals and family members to their state of the art Artificial Intelligence platform.

LEH (Libertatis Ergo Holding) and Interhealth Holding B.V. invest a total of € 500k in the Leiden based startup dHealthIQ B.V. dHealthIQ which supplies analytical software to elderly care institutions (in dutch: VVT).  

“We already have an extremely strong academic foundation due to our close relationship with Leiden University, Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. However, this investment is essential for the
commercialization of our technology and we are looking forward to take the following steps,” says a dHealthIQ Co-founder Mindaugas Leonavicius.

“The elderly care faces a major challenge, but fortunately our government is working hard on structural solutions. Thanks to this investment, we can also support elders to remain living at home,” says a dHealthIQ Co-founder Maarten Zwitserloot.

dHealthIQ’s software uses data from various wearables, medical devices and sensors that help elderly persons to live at their homes safer and longer. The AI-based analytics includes frailty detection and automatic recognition of person’s wellbeing and behaviour. These insights help care professionals provide a personalised care plan for patients, improve efficiency and keep family members connected and informed.

“We are excited to be supporting dHealthIQ and their ambitions to improve elderly care as well as rehabilitation in the Netherlands,” says a Libertatis Ergo Holding B.V. director Rob Mayfield.

Stéfan Ellenbroek,  unlock_ director, also shared his enthusiasm: “I’m always very proud when one of the unlock_flock succeeds in attracting money. For dHealthIQ it’s a special case again as in its particular brand of e-health, this investment should get them a long way to integrate themselves in health care and the impact they seek. So Go Mindaugas and team and make us even more proud!”

The investment will be used for the further development of the frailty algorithm, to carry out pilots in various elderly care institutions, and to expand the team.

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