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Digital Therapeutics explained

Digital Therapeutics provide a unique opportunity to improve the chronic diseases with behavioural change as a driver of the quality of care.


“Digital therapeutics (DTx) deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders.”

Digital therapeutics are expanding what is globally achievable in healthcare through advanced technologies that offer increased therapy accessibility and personalization.

Timely & personalized information will improve time to intervention and increase motivation to improve self-management.

Digital therapeutics undergo robust clinical trials and are held to similar standards of safety and clinical evidence as traditional medical treatments.

How it works?

Our Software consists of a remote patient management service based on wearables and artificial intelligence technologies that provide personalized treatment plans, coordinated under the supervision of the doctor.

At the heart of our software is a comprehensive assessment of personal health through a multidisciplinary team, individualization of treatment based on patient-generated data, remote care and self-control through information technology and process digitization.

An algorithm equipped with medical knowledge analyzes daily data obtained through smart wearables and medical devices etc., and implements individualized treatment interventions for each patient. In addition, we improve the efficiency and quality of clinical care by presenting appropriate medical care data to doctors.

Our approach

We are a digital health company, enabling healthcare providers to treat and manage chronic cardiometabolic diseases based on evidence-based and personalized interventions directly to the patient.

Our solution has a strong focus on combining pharmaceutical, lifestyle and behavioural components within the treatment process. dHealth approach is unique because:


More sophisticated approach to treatment monitoring is the continuous monitoring of health parameters by devices directly coupled to therapy administration.


Strong background in Deep tech / Data science / AI / ML / DataAnalytics, with AI / ML engine being core component of the solution.


Core strategy to develop and commercialize clinically validated therapeutics. Through well-structured development processes and clinical validation the commercialization through reimbursements become possible.


Experience with the collaboration between Data Science / Deep Tech and Medical specialists – in development, and projects. Strong partnership with LSMU .


The organization and team is suitable to development multiple digital interventions – pipeline. (within the area of cardiometabolic diseases).


Product focused on the healthcare provider, with a clinical validation and reimbursement route (higher entry barrier for competitors in highly competitive ‘wellness & lifestyle’ market (digital health).


Closely linked to the strategic extension of pharmaceutics companies (personalized medicine).

Can Digital Therapeutics
help you?

Digital Therapeutics focuses on chronic diseases as well as harmful behaviours that both effect long term health and well-being.

dHealthIQ currently focuses on medical areas that can be best monitored and provide us with the most accurate data for the best personal treatment. Thus our first product is focused on cardiometabolic chronic illnesses like diabetes.

It is also important to note that Digital Therapeutics are best used when therapy requires data monitoring as well as behavioural changes in the patient.

But it is also expanding rapidly together with innovations in wearable and smart tech so we believe soon Digital Therapeutics will be applied in almost all healthcare.

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