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Personalised remote patient monitoring
Personalized Digital Therapeutic solutions for Cardiometabolic disease management
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Elderly Care solution for efficient homestay
Frailty monitoring & Home care with empathy
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Enabling healthcare professionals to provide holistic treatment for patients by combining Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and Digital Therapeutics (DTx)


Our therapeutics enable patients to take ownership of their treatment under the supervision of clinicians. It allows patients to continuously monitor their well-being, helping them to make healthy life choices. 


Our RPM therapeutics are based on each individual’s unique data. Treatment programs adjust  as patients modify their behaviour so that the health-related advice is always in sync with their current health status.


Our therapeutics guide patients' healthcare choices through digitized personalized care programs. Therapies give patients a new way to succeed in the battle against cardiometabolic diseases.


dHealthIQ remote patient monitoring & personalised therapies solutions

Our therapies combine the professional expertise of clinicians with instant intuitive recommendations powered by AI technology to drive the treatment process

Remote patient management is a technology-enabled approach to health care that allows health care professionals to monitor patient health and capture important patient data between visits.

With our personalized digital therapeutic solutions, patients can access convenient and effective care from anywhere, while healthcare providers can monitor patients’ progress and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Our pipeline of products includes therapies targeting cardiovascular disease, diabetes and prevention.

Elderly Homecare

We help elderly persons to live in their homes safer and longer. Manage elderly health conditions through our Open Platform.

With HomeZorg Open Platform we focus on Frailty monitoring technology that allows elderlies to stay independent & safe.  

We see that falls and hip fractures are major problems for the elderly, making them very vulnerable. HomeZorg wants to help people move with a safe feeling and remain active. With our solution, they can experience the life they deserve.

HomeZorg Remote rehabilitation program –  with 24/7  remote care, we enable the elderly to improve their health with the help of our technology based on professional caregivers’ and scientists’ knowledge. 

For Whom?


Personalized therapies 24/7

With digital therapeutics, your personal treatment plan is always with you, and it is changing and reacting to changes in your health. Between healthcare visits, you are aware and informed about your health, and armed with knowledge about how to best manage your condition.


Support patient health care remotely with dHealthIQ

RPM Digital Therapeutics gives healthcare professionals a holistic view of patients' health needs. They are better equipped to guide chronic-care patients toward improved long-term outcomes.


We collaborate with healthcare professionals, scientists and specialists from different fields to develop innovative solutions that ensure the most advanced remote monitoring of patients’ health indicators at home.

Researchers, clinicians, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies interested in collaborating with dHealth or providing feedback on our products can contact the company at: