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Enabling personalised therapeutics
dHealthIQ Digital Therapeutics is a part of a professional treatment prescribed by your doctor, so you can be 100% sure it’s the best treatment tailored for your needs!
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Elderly Care solution for efficient homestay
Frailty monitoring & Home care with empathy
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Our therapeutics enable patients to take ownership of their treatment under the supervision of clinicians. Digital therapeutics allow patients to monitor their own health on a continuous basis, helping to empower patients to make lifestyle choices that will lead them toward improved health. The involvement of a clinician ensures timely intervention as patients experience health changes, and provides patients with professional support for their recovery, effectively closing the “treatment gap.”


Our therapeutics are based on each individual’s unique data. Treatment programs are tailored to the specific behavior and healthcare needs of each individual requiring chronic care. The adaptive technology adjusts its recommendations as patients modify their behavior so that the health-related advice that patients receive is always in sync with their current health status.


Our therapeutics guide patients' healthcare choices through digitized personalized care programs. Therapies focused on achieving optimal health help patients control and reverse unhealthy behavior and give patients a new way to succeed in the battle against chronic disease.


Our therapies combine the professional expertise of clinicians with instant intuitive recommendations powered by AI technology to drive the treatment process

With a strong focus on blending pharmaceutical remedies with lifestyle and behavioral modifications, the continuous nature of digital therapeutics motivates patients to improve compliance with their treatment regimen.

Our diabetes product is our first digital therapy targeted toward patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. The diabetes product is focused on therapeutic monitoring of drug and insulin adherence and behavioural intervention aimed at encouraging patients to increase physical activity, improve their nutrition, get enough sleep, and reduce their stress levels. 

Our pipeline of upcoming products includes therapies targeting the cardiometabolic disease area, such as hypertension and cardio rehabilitation.

We help elderly persons to live in their homes safer and longer. Manage elderly health conditions through our Open Platform.

With HomeZorg Open Platform we focus on Frailty monitoring technology that allows elderlies to stay independent & safe.  

We see that falls and hip fractures are major problems for the elderly, making them very vulnerable. HomeZorg wants to help people move with a safe feeling and remain active. With our solution, they can experience the life they deserve.

HomeZorg Remote rehabilitation program –  with 24/7  remote care, we enable the elderly to improve their health with the help of our technology based on professional caregivers’ and scientists’ knowledge. 

For Whom?


Personalized therapies 24/7

Between medical visits, managing a chronic condition can feel like a lonely battle, filled with uncertainty. Personalized digital therapeutics can fill that "treatment gap" with real-time health monitoring and targeted recommendations aimed at supporting patients on an ongoing basis. Intuitive recommendations can alert patients when diet or exercise patterns are trending in the wrong direction and guide them toward making better choices. Recording of self-reported health measures gives both patients and clinicians insight into changes in health status. This insight better prepares patients to ask more informed questions when they do meet with their clinicians.

With digital therapeutics, your personal treatment plan is always with you, and it is changing and reacting to changes in your health. Between healthcare visits, you are aware and informed about your health, and armed with knowledge about how to best manage your condition.


New treatment opportunities

How compliant are patients to their treatment regimens between clinical visits? Digital therapeutics give clinicians greater insight into how their patients self-care, so that clinicians are better equipped to guide chronic-care patients toward improved long-term outcomes.

For many patients, controlling diabetes takes practice. Data on how well patients manage lifestyle choices can help clinicians steer patients toward habits that will lower their risk factors.

For cardiometabolic disease, the use of digital therapeutics under physician supervision represents a new treatment modality in clinical cardiac care. Clinicians can help high-risk patients take more proactive approaches to reducing their risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular incidents by providing them with intuitive, AI-based alerts for monitoring medication adherence and improving lifestyle choices.

Targeted continuous monitoring technology provides patients with the best tools for managing chronic high-risk conditions.


Since its founding, dHealthIQ has been devoted to the development of a new type of digital therapeutic, designed for patients with chronic diseases and the clinicians who treat them. Our first product, a digital diabetes therapeutic, will complete clinical trials this fall. Development of a follow-on product, aimed at bringing similar technology and digital health monitoring methodology to cardiometabolic disease, is nearing completion.


Researchers, clinicians, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies interested in collaborating with dHealth or providing feedback on our products can contact the company at:

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