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Individualised treatment for each patient

Digital Treatment prescribed by healthcare professionals based on your personal condition and behavioural patterns analyzed by our algorithms.


Your own personal treatment that is always with you.

Helpful reminders that are here to help you improve your behavioural patterns and constant condition monitoring all made available to you via your phone.
Our therapies, through the balance of human driven support and AI technology, have a strong focus on combining pharmaceutical, lifestyle and behavioural components within the treatment process.

Our Software consists of a remote patient management service based on wearables and artificial intelligence technologies that provide personalized treatment plans, coordinated under the supervision of the doctor.

At the heart of our software is a comprehensive assessment of personal health through a multidisciplinary team, individualization of treatment based on patient-generated data, remote care and self-control through information technology and process digitization.

An algorithm equipped with medical knowledge analyzes daily data obtained through smart wearables and medical devices etc., and implements individualized treatment interventions for each patient. In addition, we improve the efficiency and quality of clinical care by presenting appropriate medical care data to doctors.

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